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Planning For The Loss of a Pet

Losing a family member or a pet is something that none of us wants to think about but some planning done ahead of time can help ease the pain of that sad time when it finally arrives.  There is enough of an emotional burden associated with the loss of a loved one when they pass without having to also deal with their final arrangements which only adds to the stress and increases the weight of sadness.  There are a few simple things to consider and they can be done without dwelling on thoughts of the unfortunate.  We have created this guide to point out the issues that you should consider when planning.

How would I like my pet's remains handled?

Your pet's remains can be handled in one of two ways, cremated or buried.  Each of these methods is a dignified and appropriate course to pursue and is mostly a matter of individual beliefs and preference.  

Cremation is a simple matter and can be done as a private cremation where only your pet is in the cremation chamber.  A private cremation allows you to keep your pet's remains in an urn or scatter them in a place that is special to you or your pet.  Communal cremation is a more affordable option and is performed with several animals in the cremation chamber at the same time.  Communally cremated remains are respectfully scattered in our memorial gardens.  You can learn more about our cremation services by clicking here.

The alternative to cremation is traditional burial.  Traditional burial provides your pet with a permanent resting place and memorial marker within our memorial gardens.  Traditional burial is a time honored and respectful way to place a loved one to rest.  Choosing traditional burial does limit your options when considering who will provide the service as there are very few pet cemeteries like those found at Foster's Pinellas Memorial Gardens. You can learn more about our traditional burial service by clicking here.

Do I want my pet's remains returned to me?

If you would like to keep your pets remains in your home or perhaps in your garden then the option that you will choose will be a private cremation.  Private cremation guarantees that the remains returned to you belong to your pet and your pet only.  The remains can be kept any of a wide variety of memorial urns or other containers that are suitable for burial on your own property.  For more information on private cremation click here.

If you do not want remains returned to you, then you may choose either a traditional burial or communal cremation.

How will I deliver my pet for burial or cremation?

While many pets are put to rest at a veterinarian's facility there are a great number that pass away at their homes.  Most veterinarians work with cremation service providers or burial services and the transportation of your pet can be easily arranged.  If your pet passes away at home you should contact your service provider to make sure that they are authorized and properly licensed and trained to pick up and transport your pet to their facility.  At Foster's we work closely with our customers to arrange for prompt pick up and proper storage of your pet.

Would you like any type of memorial products or keepsakes to remember your pet?

There are numerous memorial products available to suit a wide range of tastes and personalities.  Many pet owners find that having some form of keepsake item to remember their pet helps to ease the pain of loss especially for children.  Foster's offers many memorial and keepsake items such as paw prints, photo frames, jewelry and albums to celebrate the life of your pet.

How will my family and I deal with the loss of our pet?

For many the passing of a pet can be a very difficult situation to overcome emotionally.  There are many sources of guidance and counseling available to help those in need.  One wonderful source of support is from the community of pet owners just like you.  We at Foster's are pet owners ourselves and have experienced the loss of many of our faithful and beloved companions over the years.  We know what it is like to lose a pet and we offer our support and experience to our customers to help them in their time of need.  Our website is also a resource for pet owners dealing with grief issues.  We offer a community forum for pet owners to support one another and to share stories that celebrate the life of their pets and ease the pain of passing.  In addition to these resources we also work with professional grief counselors who have a great deal of experience in the special circumstances that come with dealing with the sadness associated with the loss of a pet.