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Questions About Traditional Burial

We understand that deciding how to handle the death of your pet is a very difficult decision.   We have provided a list of the most frequently asked questions to help you learn all that you can.  Please visit our frequently asked questions area and if you do not see your question answered please feel free to submit the question to us and we will respond as quickly as possible.  Of course you can always call us with any question that you may have and we will be very happy to answer it.

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Traditional Pet Burial

Our Pet Burial Services

We have always been dedicated to providing pets with the dignity that any family member deserves.  Our burial services are modeled after the same level of service that one would expect from a family funeral home.  We own and operate one of the very few traditional burial areas for animals in Pinellas County.  Visitors to our Memorial Gardens will find that it is just like any other cemetery and great care is taken to maintain the grounds in a manner befitting the respect that those who have passed deserve.  Your place will be placed within a waterproof, non-degradable casket and interred in a burial plot within our Memorial Gardens complete with a 6x12x3 granite headstone with your pets name and an emblem of your choosing.

Our memorial Gardens has been serving families in the Tampa Bay area since 1951 and is the resting place of many beloved friends.  Burials are serviced in whatever way you wish.  Some prefer a formal arrangement and have a grave side gathering and a short service, for others the burial is more simple.  In either case your pet will be given a dignified resting place that will remain for all time.

Pinellas Pet Memorial Gardens is comprised of several acres of land located East of 66th Street in Pinellas Park.  Our property is secluded and quiet with many mature trees.  

large animal burial Traditional burial is available for animals of all shapes and sizes.  Finding a good solution for your larger pets such as horses can be very difficult.  We offer the same services for animals of all sizes including horses, sheep, lamas, ostrich and other large pets or livestock animals.

Traditional Burial Package

Our traditional burial package offers your pet a lasting place within the serenity of our memorial gardens.  

  • 6x12x3" Granite Headstone with 24 engraved characters and one emblem set in the stone.
  • Styrene plastic non-biodegradable casket.
  • Plot opening/closing.
  • A viewing can be scheduled at your request.
  • Fees are based upon the breed/size of the pet.  Please contact us for an estimate.